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Tuesday Morning Musings

Each semester the staff at my job shares late shift duties in order to keep the centre open for students until 6pm M-Th. This semester my late shift falls on a Tues. There is something nice about starting my day at 10 instead of 8:30. I get up at the same time, but I have more time to relax, read the news, and various other things. Added bonus: I'm not required to commute during rush hour traffic! Sometimes I wish that all of my days started at 10.

Various going ons in my world:

We meet with the photographers tomorrow night! Woo hoo! I'm really excited about this. As the boy has pointed out, photography is to me what the band issue was to him. Thus I'm being accorded complete veto power over the photography choice. Sweet!

I had a lovely cupcake sampling the other day and have chosen my cupcake flavours. One more wedding thing checked off the list. Thanks V.

I'm contemplating buying a car this spring. I know it's not environmental but for those of you versed in my public transportation woes, you'll understand I'm sure! I've figured out what I can be approved for loan wise and come the end of the deep freeze, I'll start looking to see what small used car could be mine!

In order to better manage my money, I cut up one of my 2 credit cards yesterday. The one with the bigger limit and the higher interest rate. When I was teaching ESL and living on my own I was relying on my cards too much, so it's a relief to finally close up one of the accounts and keep things simple. Yay! More money for clothes! (Just kidding)

In other news, I found a new blog (it's about India) that I'm watching:


There was an interesting article about taking the train, reading books, and plagiarized "Indian copies" of popular novels. One of the train station booksellers was saying that people don't really buy books for the long train rides anymore because they use their cell phones to keep entertained. Even with games on my cell, I can't imagine passing 23 hours (+ because of Indian trains always being late) without a book to keep my entertained. I can only play solitaire so long and call so many people. What and who are we becoming in the technological age if we'd rather play on our cell phone than read a good (and insanely cheap copy of a) book?
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