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The State of Stuff

Life feels exceedingly busy lately. January has just flown by. It's practically February and I don't know where the month went.

Work is getting busier and I have acquired a new project related to diversity issues/promotion at the college (on top of my regular "dossier" of work). I'm going to be developing a diversity training program for our volunteers and students. Once that's done, I'll be organizing a mini conference about dealing with issues surrounding diversity in the college/classroom for teachers and college staff. I'm excited about the new project. It'll keep me busy and it's something that I enjoy learning about. Woo hoo.

I just heard that Ignatieff is going to support the Harper budget. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or really, really upset. I'm not sure what I think about the budget proposal. I'm going to have to wait and see how it gets altered and read more about the pros and cons on the matter. Financial issues are not my forte so I'm unsure of my opinion on the matter. As for Harper maintaining power, it's early, I'm not going to touch the issue.

In terms of wedding issues I think Paul and I have settled on a band, we're just working out final details. We start meeting photographers on Friday. Next Wed we have 2 appointments and I have to admit that I'm smitten with the photos of the 2nd photographer. I really hope that his photos/package will be the right fit for us because the pictures are fresh, fun and I think would represent the boy and I best in terms of our personalities.

Oh, aside for V: Obama is coming to Canada Feb 18th (not sure where though, they said it was business, so probably Ottawa?).

Otherwise there's not much more to report: I'm nursing a rather intense dental drilling operation that's left the right side of my mouth quite tender, helping a friend move on Sat, starting to teach again tonight, and curious about events happening on Sunday.
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