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Few things in my life incite such stark extremes in emotions for me as my daily metro ride. From outright wrathful antagonism to zen like tranquility, my commute to work and home again can be enough to make or break my day.

Take for example this morning. The sheer self-entitlement of one person hogging the pole that everyone hangs on to was enough to make me want to kick, bite, and yell at the man in question. Yes, I said bite. I was furious. I know better, and I count to 10, I breathe, I try to relax but to no avail. The fact that I'm left with my arm raised above my head just to get 4 inches of the damn pole while one man lays claim to 4 feet of pole by leaning on it just pissed me of. Even more so considering I had been reading, with my hand there when he proceeded to lean on my fingers. WTF!

Then, to make my mood even pissier, another man shoved past me in order to get a seat when it became available at the Berri UQAM exchange. Ok seriosly, I'd been on the metro for 20 mins by then, he gotten on 2 stops earlier and he couldn't have at least waited for everyone to get off before pushing me out of the way? Ok, he didn't shove, but he did push me. FUCK, fuck, fuck. I hate my commute. I get to work bad tempered and I arrive home pissy.

There are days when I get a seat and can observe the people with zen tranquility or read for the hour it takes to get to work but as the semester gears up and more students are on the metro again, there will be fewer seated contemplation days and more irrate travels. I just don't understand why it is so hard to have a modicum of awareness of the people around you and realize that since this is a shared place it would make everyone's life more pleasant if you could just be polite. Some days commuting on the metro feels like I'm travelling with a bad American tourist stereotype.
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